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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Storage  /  January 31, 2022

Edmonton Storage Solutions: What is Modular Shelving?

Edmonton Storage Solutions What is Modular Shelving

The smaller details in a house are what make it home to you and your family. After figuring out your space’s unique design, furniture style and accessories, the next thing to tackle is storage. For business owners, storage is also a necessity. Our crew at the Handyman Connection focuses on storage solutions in Edmonton that are flexible and convenient to your lifestyle. One popular option that could give you the space you need and the look you want is modular shelving.

Modular Shelving – A Primer

Modular shelving is a system that offers many different shelving configurations and layouts. Instead of a standard setup and design, modular systems can be put together in a variety of ways and can be customized to a specific purpose.

We can work with homeowners to design a custom modular shelving system that gives them more storage for the rooms in their homes. As their needs change over the years, the shelving system can be reconfigured to a different layout that works better for their storage and decor. Here are some of the benefits of a modular shelving system for your home renovations in Edmonton or business remodeling needs.

Custom Design

The biggest selling point for a modular shelving system is the customization of your design. Instead of searching high and low for a storage and shelving system that meets your home’s space specification and needs, you can create something completely unique.

Homeowners and business operators can get more out of a modular system that is custom built to the items they want to display or store. Modular shelving units can incorporate bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, open shelving and bins to give our customers what they need.

Adapts to Your Needs

Another reason to choose a modular shelving system is adaptability and flexibility. As your family or business grows and evolves, your need for storage may change. Families with growing children may have to reconfigure their shelving system over the years to accommodate different ages. Businesses also need to adapt to market conditions and company goals.

Instead of going out and buying a whole new shelving unit, a modular system gives you the ease and flexibility to reuse your system. You can make changes yourself and save your budget with an investment into a modular system.

Maximizes Storage Capacity

The last benefit of a modular system is storage capacity. A key part of seamless interior design is using your space effectively. Your family or your business may have a lot of stuff, and you don’t want to waste valuable floor space with clunky storage systems. A modular system gives you a way to store your items in a smarter, more efficient way.

Modular systems are designed to work with your current home or business layout, without sacrificing your space. We can design a system that uses wall space and other unused areas to give you an easier way to store your things. We create modular systems that creatively use your home or business and make your routine more convenient.

Design Your Storage Solutions in Edmonton

Let us help you take charge of your home’s storage system and design something that helps your home or business work smarter. We will partner with you throughout the design process to give you solutions that solve your storage headaches. A modular system is completely unique and designed to fit your lifestyle or business routine.

Edmonton homeowners and business operators can trust the work and customer service commitment from Handyman Connection. Contact us today to let us give you ideas to help you take charge of your storage in your home or building. Our carpentry services and other storage options offer a variety of solutions.

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