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Plumbing  /  December 16, 2021

Edmonton Plumbing Repair: Signs You Need To Replace Your Faucet

signs you need to replace your faucet

People can take many things for granted in a house: HVAC, gas, electricity, and running water. While water is vital to morning rituals, cooking, and nearly every aspect of human existence, for some reason, many homeowners are not quick to contact plumbing services in Edmonton when a sink or faucet is on the fritz.

More often than not, people find a workaround when their faucet acts strangely. They might jiggle the handle, attempting to find just the right spot for water to stop the drip, drip, dripping. Or, they might resort to using the kitchen sink when the bathroom faucet hot water control stops working. While procrastination is a normal part of life, there are at least six signs that your faucet needs repair.

1. Dripping

Dripping is often the sign of a worn washer or another component within the faucet. It is a straightforward fix, and even the freshest DIYer can usually complete the repair in a few minutes.

However, if the part is within the faucet and not in an easily accessible area, you might want to call a plumber to help. A professional is always the preferred option when a repair is beyond your scope.

2. Rusty Water

Have you ever turned on your faucet and witnessed orange or brown-coloured water coming out? Perhaps you even noticed tiny black flecks in the sink after turning the water off.

When you see rusty water, it is a fair sign that your faucet is either too old or that the filter within is failing. Sometimes, there is a simple fix to this problem, but if the rust is a result of an issue somewhere deeper in the line, a plumber should be your next contact.

3. Squeaky Handle

If you hear a squeaky noise whenever you move the faucet handle, it might be time to add some grease to the internal components. Unfortunately, not all faucets allow for easy access to the dried-out components, meaning you might not have any other option but to replace the faucet.

4. Strange Sounds

Faucets can relay an entire symphony of sounds when they are not working correctly. A high-pitched, long note often indicates an old and dry washer. Low percussion or clanking sounds can indicate a crack within the piece or a problem somewhere deeper in the system.

Assessing the potential source of these noises is best left to the professionals. While there are many DIY-friendly plumbing projects, evaluating and fixing noise-related issues is likely not one of them.

5. Spitting

When you turn on your faucet, you should get a nice, strong stream of water. If you instead get a weak stream that spits and gurgles, you likely have an aerator that is clogged.

An aerator is a screen covering the tip of the faucet. You can typically replace this piece by unscrewing it, finding the suitable size replacement, and screwing the new one on. It is a straightforward project. Still, if replacing the part does not fix the issue, contact a plumber to uncover what else is happening.

6. Damaged Components

Aside from the items mentioned above, your faucet has many other parts and mechanisms. If any of these internal components become damaged, it can affect the performance and life of the faucet.

While life is busy, and it is tempting to leave plumbing issues aside, especially problems that appear small or insignificant, you should not leave them for later. Plumbing repairs have a tendency to evolve and become more costly.

Instead of waiting, contact a plumber through Handyman Connection and schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Most faucet repairs take no time to fix, and if caught early enough, cost little.

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