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Plumbing  /  April 28, 2023

Edmonton Plumber: How To Prevent Your Faucets From Leaking

How to prevent faucet from leaking

A leaky faucet isn’t just annoying — it can cost you in the long run. However, you can avoid a high utility bill by addressing the problem as soon as you notice it. Quick repairs can also save you the hassle of mould remediation and termite extermination, two issues often accompanying water damage. With the help of plumbing repair services in Edmonton, you can take preventative measures and avoid the hassle of a leaky faucet.

Check for Loose Hardware

Frequent use can warp, damage and loosen hardware, reducing your sink’s efficiency. Washers are an excellent example, as they’re initially tight to secure screws but wear down from daily friction.

If the sink handles wiggle, a plumber can check for worn or ill-fitting hardware. If low-quality or inappropriately sized parts are used during installation, you’ll probably see leaks as the materials fail. A plumber should inspect the following for damage:

  • Valve seat
  • O-ring
  • Cartridge
  • Gasket

If you have hard water, you may need to replace these parts more frequently. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium, two naturally occurring minerals. These elements interact with metals, forming hard deposits that degrade essential components and stain bathroom fixtures.

Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by having a water softener installed. This system removes the majority of minerals, extending the life of your appliances and pipes as well as faucets. You’ll also notice a difference in your hair and skin, as hard water tends to dry out both.

Look for Cracks

Cracks are another common source of leaks. Though reasonably durable, porcelain can crack if something heavy falls on it. A professional can seal hairline cracks with epoxy, but more extensive fractures may require you to replace the sink.

Older sinks are more prone to cracking, so if it’s been 20 years since you installed it, regularly check for fractures. Metal sinks don’t last quite as long, so start inspections around 15 years.

Metal sinks may also warp over time due to rust. In addition to handling water daily, bathroom sinks are subject to a lot of humidity, making them more likely to corrode than fixtures in other areas. Even porcelain sinks aren’t immune, as most use some metal as reinforcement. When the metal warps, it puts pressure on the porcelain, leading to cracks.

Verify Shut-Off Valve Works

Your sink’s shut-off valve stops the flow of water to the faucet. It prevents leaks while keeping water accessible throughout the rest of the house, making it invaluable when you’re having work done.

A broken or worn valve can let water through when it shouldn’t. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the part.

Clear Any Blockages

Pressure plays a big role in the health of your faucets. For example, if there are clogs in the pipes, it increases the pressure on joints and seals. While these parts can withstand a reasonable amount of pressure, they’ll degrade faster if the force is above average for too long.

Freezing water poses the same problem. Frozen pipes can burst, causing a total flood. If you suspect clogs or ice, you should contact a plumber immediately.

Low pressure can also take its toll. When pressure is too low, water may linger in the pipes and corrode them. If your water pressure fluctuates, a pressure-regulating valve can stabilize it. Always hire a professional for installation to ensure optimal performance.

Handyman Connection can help whenever you need residential plumbing repair services in Edmonton. Our friendly experts can fix leaky faucets, deal with damaged pipes and install new bathroom hardware. We can also assist with other projects, such as flooring, electrical and storage installation. For more information, contact us online or give us a call today.

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