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Drywall  /  February 14, 2023

How to Prevent Your Drywall From Cracking in Edmonton

How to prevent drywall from cracking

Drywall is the most obvious element of your home’s structure. It is the material that encases the wooden beams of your house to form the walls in your home. Proper installation of drywall is essential to prevent cracking, which could pose problems in the structural integrity of your home in addition to looking unsightly. Here’s what you need to know about cracking drywall so you recognize when to call a professional for help with drywall repair.

Why Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks because of stress placed on the seams. Seams are where multiple coats of drywall meet and adhere together to create thick walls. They are often covered with seam tape to reduce the risk of crashing, but drywall can still crack when it withstands a lot of pressure. Cracks are most common around doors, windows and corners because these are the areas where the most stress is placed on them. Cracking drywall can almost always be attributed to the installation process.

How To Prevent Drywall From Cracking

Drywall cracking can’t be entirely prevented, but you drastically reduce the chances by installing it properly. If drywall is installed quickly and haphazardly, it is much more likely to crack due to less integrity. There are different types of drywall mud with various adhesive power. You should choose the more adhesive types of drywall mud to create the first couple of coats. Once these coats have dried, you can use a lower quality mud to form the top coats and save money on your drywall project.

The type of seam tape you choose also plays a role in the integrity of your drywall. Mesh seam tape is widely available, but it is not quite strong as its paper counterpart. Choose paper seam tape and apply it carefully along seams to give your drywall more integrity and reduce the risk of future cracking.

How To Repair Cracked Drywall

If you notice cracks in your drywall, you have two options to repair it. For cracks that are thin and hairlike, you can apply drywall spackling compound to them with a thin putty knife. After the compound dries, you can sand it down and repaint the wall, resulting in a wall that looks brand new. However, you must remember that this fix only resolves the aesthetic appearance of cracked drywall and does not address any structural problems there may have been caused by the cracking.

Your second option is to entirely replace the drywall. You can rip out the cracked material and start over with better drywall mud to minimize the risk of cracking in the future. This is a much more extensive project, but it is necessary if the cracking is deep or affects the structural integrity of your house. If it is not addressed promptly, you could have additional problems with your structure that need more expensive repairs.

Why Choose Handyman Connection

The team of craftsmen at Handyman Connection has years of experience performing various handyman tasks. We have extensive knowledge about drywall, so not only can we install it, but we can also repair it. We know how to choose the best compounds to prevent cracking. Our goal is to get your total satisfaction, so we work closely with you during every project to ensure our work meets your expectations. We make sure you are happy with the final result before we begin the cleanup process, and we always remove our tools and messes after our work is done to leave your home as clean as we found it.

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