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Storage  /  November 25, 2021

Edmonton Home Repairs: Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

storage in small spaces

If you live in a small house or apartment, you likely struggle with deciding where to store items when they are not in use. Even people who live in larger houses might deal with a room that is too small or accumulate things that they are unsure where to place. Luckily, we have several ideas for storage solutions in Edmonton, no matter what kind of place you call home.

Choose a Functional Coffee Table and Seats

A multipurpose coffee table functions as a place to sit books, magazines, and your cup of coffee, as well as a place to covertly store items. Since the coffee table is already taking up space, a coffee table that doubles as storage is perfect for keeping toys, blankets, and books off the floor and out of sight in a small room. Multipurpose coffee tables usually come in three varieties:

  • Tables that provide completely hidden storage, usually by lifting the top of the table to store items below
  • Tables that contain open shelves underneath, which are perfect for storing books and DVDs
  • Tables that contain drawers that you can pull out, quickly accessing what you store in the table

Like a coffee table with completely hidden storage, ottoman seats and benches can double as hidden storage spaces alongside the table and sofa. Both table and seats are a discreet and sleek way to increase storage space.

Invest In Baskets

Baskets come in many shapes and sizes and add to the visual appeal of a room while also providing storage. Some ideas of places to have storage baskets include:

  • The entryway, for storing shoes, umbrellas, and other large items that are often taken outside
  • Kids’ rooms, for cleaning toys off the floor and putting them away quickly
  • The bedroom and bedroom closets, for storing clothes that are not in season or dirty clothes waiting to be laundered
  • A home office, for storing office supplies where they can be quickly and easily retrieved
  • On the coffee table, to keep remote controls and other small items out of view and where they will not get lost

Regardless of where you place the baskets, choose colours and designs that fit well with your other decor to minimize the appearance of clutter.

Utilize Your Bed

Storing items that you do not need immediate access to under the bed in baskets or boxes is an efficient way to increase storage space in other areas of your house. Consider buying a bed with shelves or drawers underneath the mattress, which provides more accessibility than the floor under the bed. A bed with a headboard containing drawers or open shelving is also a good option for utilizing your bed for storage. Books, small plants, and framed photos are some of the items that can go on the open shelving of a bed. Our carpentry and home renovations in Edmonton specialists can help you build custom drawers or shelves for your bed.

Integrate Vertical Storage

When a room lacks space on the floor, it is necessary to use vertical storage to keep items off the floor and clutter at bay. A tall shelf or bookcase is perfect for all sorts of items, with larger, heavier objects on the bottom shelves and lighter, decorative objects on the upper shelves. Wall-mounted, or floating, shelves are another vertical storage option that looks very sleek and takes up a small amount of space. Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for tight spaces as the individual shelves can be customized to fit on any size wall.

Contact Handyman Connection to help you with your storage needs. Our professionals can build cabinets, install bookcases, and more to allow you to live a clutter-free life.

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