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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Painting  /  December 21, 2021

Edmonton Home Repairs: How Do You Paint A Ceiling?

painting your ceiling

Just thinking about painting the ceiling can bring on a neck ache. Do ceilings need to be painted? It’s a task homeowners often insist they’ll do next year but never do. It’s time to stop putting off this paint job. Ceiling paint can alter the feel of the whole room. Particular colours can make your home feel cozy and warm or grand and opulent. For a no-fuss home update, find painting services in Edmonton to complete the job for you. If you have high ceilings, this is work best left to the professionals. Attempting to paint that grand foyer on your own can lead to severe injuries. Homeowners willing to take on the labour can tackle standard height ceilings. If you prefer to DIY your ceiling paint, follow these steps for the perfect paint job.

Prepare Your Equipment

The easiest way to paint your ceiling is with a paint roller. You’ll want rollers with a thick nap that hold paint well and reduce splatter. A standard roller cage is a perfect size. You may even already have one from a previous paint job. You’ll also want to invest in a pole extender attachment. Pole extenders allow you to keep your feet on the ground. They’ll allow you to cover large areas quickly, no ladder required. While you’re at the paint supply store, pick up a paint roller tray. Purchase a few paint tray liners for fast and easy cleanup. Simply remove the tray liner and throw it out when you’re finished.

You’ll also need a brush for cutting in around corners and edges. An angled brush with an ergonomic handle is ideal. Clean lines are also achievable with paint-edging products. These nifty tools boast flat pads that make cutting in a breeze. Some edgers will even attach to your pole extender.

Ready Your Room

Regardless of how careful you are, there will be paint drips and splatters. Before you begin painting, lay down a drop cloth. A drop cloth, or an old sheet, will protect your floors and furniture from inevitable splatters. Finally, tape the perimeter of your walls with good-quality painter’s tape. Painters tape prevents that gorgeous new ceiling colour from bleeding onto your walls.

Choose Your Paint

The best type of paint for any ceiling is flat paint. “Flat” means it doesn’t have a shiny finish. Eggshell, satin, semigloss, or high gloss paints all reflect light. The sheen from these finishes will draw attention to imperfections in your ceiling. Now is not the time to opt for inexpensive paint. Choose a high-quality paint that reduces splatter and offers better coverage. Better paint can complete the job with fewer coats. You’ll also have less mess in your hair at the end of the day.

Find Your Perfect Colour

When it comes to ceiling colours, the sky is the limit! Add dramatic flair with something colourful that flatters your walls. Ceiling paint can also alter the perception of your home’s stature. Low ceilings will appear higher with flat white paint. Large, cavernous rooms can benefit from a dark ceiling colour. The dark colour will seemingly shrink the space, giving it a cozy feel. Walls and ceilings of the same light colour create the illusion of a larger room.

With the proper preparation, supplies, and colour choice, you can beautifully update your home. That said, ceiling painting can be a tiresome DIY project. Michelangelo took years to complete his ceiling painting. We assume you’d like to get this done a little faster. Handyman Connection can help you speed through a variety of painting projects. Contact us today for an estimate! We’re proud to offer stellar customer service and quality craftsmanship. We’re ready to help turn your house into the home of your dreams.

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