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Storage  /  May 18, 2023

Edmonton Handyman: Creating a Home Office Space for Maximum Productivity

ways to set up a home office

As more people start working from home, there is a growing interest in the best ways to design a home office. It is important to have a dedicated area in the house that enables the employee to not only be productive but also leave the area at the end of the workday to achieve a better work-life balance. If someone lacks space in their home, custom home storage solutions in Edmonton can help them make some more space to have a distraction-free area to work. Here are three more ways to set up a home office for productivity.

1. Keep Comfort in Mind 

When people are comfortable in a space, they are more willing to spend time there, which leads to higher levels of productivity. It can be a big motivator for people to get out of bed in the morning when they know they will be heading to another room where they enjoy being. There are several things that people can do to make their home offices more comfortable, including:

  • Installing an adjustable desk, especially if sitting for long periods of time gets uncomfortable and they prefer to stand for some of the workday
  • Ensuring that there is enough lighting in the room 
  • Purchasing furniture, such as a desk and chair, that fits their needs 

Buying new items or even undergoing home renovations to ensure comfort should not be seen as a luxury. Rather, people should see it as an investment in their well-being and in their careers.

2. Be Mindful of Clutter

It is easy to let a home office become cluttered; for example, people might continue to put off clearing away papers, pens and other miscellaneous items until the mess become so overwhelming that they do not even want to bother cleaning it up any longer. However, for most people, it is beneficial to stay on top of clearing away clutter and maintaining a neat, pleasant space for work. Excessive amounts of clutter can even raise stress levels and hinder how well someone can focus, which in turn affects productivity levels.

Besides hiring a handyman in Edmonton to install more shelving units and other storage solutions, some easy ways for someone to manage clutter include:

  • Going through papers at the end of each workday and either throwing them away, shredding them or filing them away in a drawer or another appropriate location
  • Keeping only the items they regularly use on their desk, and placing other items on a shelf or stand
  • Refraining from printing out papers unless absolutely necessary, which not only helps to reduce clutter but is better for the environment as well
  • Doing some light cleaning during downtime, such as while waiting to take a phone call

It is usually easier to clean a little bit each day rather than waiting for a mess to pile up, at which point cleaning it up becomes a massive project.

3. Add Inspiring Decor

One of the benefits of a home office is that employees can decorate it in pretty much any way they wish. Workers should take advantage of this and add some personal touches to the room, including photos and paintings that keep them motivated. In addition, if at all possible, set up the office area near a window with a fun or elegant curtain to reap the positive mental benefits of natural light.

If someone is setting up a home office and needs additional space, they should contact Handyman Connection to ask one of our professionals about our storage solutions. Make an investment to start being more productive while using the home office.

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