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Electrical  /  October 18, 2021

Do Home Security Systems Work If The Power Goes Out?

Do home security systems work when the power goes ou

When installing home security systems, most people do so with the expectation of continuous power. So, what happens if there’s a natural disaster, rolling blackouts or a well-planned burglar? Will the home security system still work or does that only happen if you previously enlisted the help of an experienced electrician in Edmonton? The shorter answer is that systems can continue to work. The detailed answer is a lot more complex.

How Do Home Security Systems Function Without Power?

They don’t. Home security systems need a consistent source of power to continue working. Once they lose power, your home is no longer protected by the security system. At this point, the system can no longer communicate with the sensors positioned around the home to detect an intrusion, fire, water damage or any other factors your system is set up to identify.

The good news is that most good alarm systems, including some DIY systems, come with backup batteries that will continue to power the alarm system for some time. The bad news is that these generally only work for about 24 hours or so. This is plenty of time if your lights only go out for a few minutes or even the entire day. However, if you had a long-term blackout caused by a patient burglar or a natural disaster, the batteries would not be enough.

How Do You Know If Your Alarm System Loses Power?

Most modern-day alarm systems include an app. Even if you chose not to install or use the app, you may sign up for email or text notifications. Whatever your communication preference, when the power goes out, you should receive a notification alerting you of this. In some cases, the alarm company itself might call you. Some systems are so advanced that they will share the power level of your battery.

When you receive this notification, it’s fairly easy to follow up and see what the issue is. If you know your neighbours, you could call and ask whether they have also lost power. Even if you are not close with your neighbours, you could contact your power company. You could even consider scheduling electrical repair services to assess the issue from the exterior of your home.

What About the Connectivity in Your Home?

Most modern-day systems require WiFi to work. In turn, the devices broadcasting WiFi service to your devices need consistent power to keep working. Failing this, the devices will lose connection and your sensors and base station will no longer be able to connect to each other or send a distress signal to the control center. 

In some cases, even when the electricity is back on, the router might not return to normal function without a reset. This could have disastrous consequences for the safety of your home.

The good news is that legacy systems include a land-line installation that allows them to continue broadcasting through this medium as a backup. Modern-day systems often include SIM cards that will also continue to work. Naturally, how long they remain connected will depend on the battery capacity.

How Can an Electrician in Edmonton Help?

Your home security only works as well as the system itself. Consider your needs carefully before choosing one and calculate the potential risk factors in your decision. Then, choose a professional to install it for you. It’s a good idea to hire an experienced electrician in Edmonton for the job. 

Discuss your concerns with the electrician, so you can get a feel for potential add-ons that could drastically improve your systems. This might include a dedicated backup system for your lights and your alarm system.
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