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Plumbing  /  April 28, 2022

7 Reasons Your Toilet Is Clogged In Edmonton

Reasons your toilet is clogged

A clogged toilet is a frustrating situation. Sometimes you can clear it on your own, but other times you may need to call plumbing services in Edmonton. If the problem keeps happening, there may be a bigger underlying problem that is causing it. Knowing what is causing your toilet to clog is the first step toward solving the problem.

1. Clogged Drain Line

The drain line is the pipe that carries the contents of the toilet away from the house when you flush. If foreign objects are flushed down the toilet, e.g. items other than toilet paper, human waste, and water, they could get stuck and clog the drain line. An older drain line may clog even when flushing normal materials.

2. Blockage Elsewhere in the System

The drain lines in the house are often all connected. That means that if there is a blockage elsewhere in the system, such as the washing machine, it may cause clogs in other parts of the house. As a result, even the toilets may be affected by a blockage elsewhere in the system.

3. Enough Water in the Tank

If there is not enough water in the tank when the toilet is flushed, there will not be sufficient water pressure to move waste out of the toilet bowl. This isn’t a clog per se, but the effect is the same. A lack of water in the tank may be due to a fault supply valve that does not open when the handle is pulled. If the water supply line is leaking, that could prevent the tank from filling. There may also be a problem with the fill valve.

4. Buildup From Hard Water

Hard water contains dissolved minerals. As water goes through the pipes, it can deposit residue along the inside. Over time, the mineral deposits can build up to the point that water can no longer flow through the pipes. Hard water buildup in your toilet drain line can prevent it from removing waste, and the toilet may clog as a result.

5. Older Pipework

A lot of older pipes are made out of copper. Though a durable material, this can corrode from exposure to moisture over time. Not only can this cause leaks but, eventually, the pipe may collapse completely. If this happens to your drain line, the toilet may clog because the wastewater has nowhere else to go. If old, crumbling pipework is causing toilets to clog, it may affect multiple toilets or drains at the same time. Another sign that older pipework may be the issue is that clogged toilets or drains are backing up and leaving behind sediment.

If you suspect that your pipes are older and a collapse may be imminent, call for a professional inspection. Re-piping proactively can help to prevent a failure.

6. Slow Septic System

Not all residential plumbing systems are attached to septic tanks. Most connect to municipal water and sewer systems. However, if your home does have a septic tank, it is essential to maintain it properly, cleaning it every one to three years and having it pumped regularly. Early signs of septic system problems include stalling or sluggishly turning over. Heed these early warning signs as septic tank failure can be catastrophic.

7. Clogged S-Trap

If you look behind your toilet, you may see a serpentine-shaped piece of pipe. This is the S-trap, and it is meant to prevent sewer gases from the drain from getting into your home. Unfortunately, it is also a common site for clogs. You may be able to clear this one with a plunger, but it may also require snaking.

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