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Plumbing  /  January 25, 2023

4 Ways To Save Water in Your Edmonton Home

Ways to save water in your home

It’s important to get into the habit of conserving water in your home. In most parts of the area, you have to pay a premium for water, and the more you use, the higher your bill will be. When you save water, you can also help conserve this vital resource and reduce your waste. Handyman Connection, the preferred plumber in Edmonton, can help you and your family practice water-saving habits with some of these essential tips.

1. Check Your Home for Leaks

If your water bill continues to be higher than normal, there may be a problem that you can’t see, such as a small leak in your home. The first way you can be more conscious of your water usage is to check your property for leaks.

You can have a pro plumber inspect your property for leaks to help prevent excessive water usage. Some common places where water leaks may be found include your pipes, your toilet, shower or faucets. If a leak is found, schedule home repair services for a fast fix.

2. Change Up Your Shower Routine

Another easy way you can help reduce your water usage is in your shower. Instead of taking long, hot showers each morning, limit your shower time to only a few minutes. Set a goal for a shower that is 10 minutes or less. Change up your washing routine so you can be more efficient in the shower and waste less water.

You can also swap out your shower fixtures for low-flow models that help prevent excessive water usage. A low-flow shower head could cut back your water usage significantly each time you use the shower and help the entire family be less wasteful.

3. Use the Bathtub

To cut back even more on water usage during your morning cleansing routine, consider swapping out your shower time for a bath. If you fill the bathtub only partially, you can help lower your water bill and conserve this precious resource.

The size of your bathtub and how high you fill it up with water will determine how effective it could be to take a bath instead of a shower. If you have a large soaking tub, you may be better off taking a quick shower. For a smaller tub, a bath may be better to help you and your family save more water each month.

4. Stop Running the Water When Brushing Your Teeth

The last quick and easy tip that will help your household save water is to start turning the water off during various tasks, such as brushing your teeth. If you keep the water running when you brush your teeth, you could be wasting several gallons of water each day.

Make it a habit to turn the water off when you and your family brush their teeth each morning and evening. Additionally, don’t leave the water running too long for other jobs, such as rinsing vegetables or washing your hands.

Plumber in Edmonton for All of Your Needs

The best line of defence against excessive water usage and waste is a maintained home. Your plumbing fixtures may not be as efficient as they could be, or you could have leaks in your home that need to be repaired. Handyman Connection can guide you through choosing energy-efficient water appliances or repairing problems in your plumbing to help give you relief on your water bill.

Reach out to the pros at Handyman Connection for help with plumbing repairs, installation or replacement fixtures or appliances. We can help you improve your water conservation efforts and swap out your bathroom with water-conserving appliances. Save money and water to help your budget and the environment.

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