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Painting  /  November 16, 2022

3 Wall Colour Ideas for Your Entertainment Room or Home Theatre

3 colours to paint your entertainment room

Having a home theatre used to be a rare luxury, but technology has advanced to the level that is easier and more affordable than ever to have a sophisticated entertainment setup in your own home. Before you hire painting services in Edmonton to paint the walls of your entertainment room, you should choose a colour. Dark colours are best for home theatres because they do not reflect as much light which could interfere with the projection on the screen by causing glare. At the same time, you should still take the overall design scheme of the room into consideration and choose colours that complement it. Here are some striking ideas for home theatre wall colours.

1. Flat Black

The goal of decorating your home theatre is to choose colours that reflect as little light as possible. Flat, matte black is about as unreflective as it is possible for a colour to be. If you are going for a minimalist look for your entertainment room, this may be your best choice. It can make the space feel sleek and modern.

Nevertheless, a room in which the walls are all flat black could be a little intimidating. It could make some people uncomfortable, and the goal is to make your home theatre a place to relax and enjoy your favourite entertainment. Instead, you may want to paint the wall with the screen black and choose another colour for the rest of the walls. With the lights on, the black wall makes a dramatic accent. With the lights off, it provides a non-reflective frame for the screen.

2. Deep Red

If you want your home theatre to have a more traditional look, choose deep red or burgundy for the walls. Real movie theatres usually have curtains to absorb sound with a deep red shade. This is a tradition that predates movies, back when plays were performed live on stage. Part of the reason that red is used is that it makes the space seem darker when the lights are extinguished. The human eye cannot perceive colours in low-light conditions, and red is one of the most difficult colours to see in the dark.

3. Navy

Part of the fun of having a home theatre is that you can be a little more creative in decorating it than professional theatres are and have it reflect your own personality. Navy is a deep blue that doesn’t reflect much light. It is a cool, relaxing colour that can make a small space seem larger if that is the effect you want. It also lends itself to nautical interior design or whatever other unusual themes you may come up with. Even if your decorative tastes are more traditional, navy blue can make a good backdrop for movie posters to make them really pop.

4. Brown

Brown is a good colour choice if you want a rustic, timeless quality for your entertainment room. It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with interesting wall textures. For example, you can use butcher paper, matte-finish glue, or dark brown paint sponged on top of a layer of light brown to give your walls the appearance of leather. This looks really sharp if you have leather (or faux leather) seats that are approximately the same colour as the walls. You can leave it at that for a subtle rustic look, or you can enhance it further with distressed wood accents.

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