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Plumbing  /  November 29, 2022

Edmonton Plumber: 3 Common Toilet Issues You Should Not Ignore

3 common toilet issues not to ignore

People often overlook minor toilet problems, like a loose handle or a wobbly seat, but some issues that seem minor are more than they let on. You should call a plumber in Edmonton whenever you experience any toilet problems, regardless of how significant they may seem initially. 

A trustworthy plumber will not take advantage of concerned homeowners. If a problem is nothing or an inexpensive component can fix the issue, they will inform the homeowner.

Your plumbing system is too important to let issues manifest and go unresolved. The last thing you need is a running toilet costing you hundreds in utilities or a clogged drain causing a backup that costs thousands to recover from.

Professional plumbers have the knowledge and experience to deal with all plumbing-related issues. Inexperienced homeowners should leave repairs to the professionals and call immediately if they notice one of three common toilet issues.

1. Toilet Moves or Tilts

Toilets should not move. Installers secure the fixture to the floor with a flange, wax ring, and bolts. A moving or tilting toilet can present serious issues for homeowners. 

If your toilet is moving, it is possible that water and waste will seep out from the connection between the toilet and the floor. Some water can soak into the subfloor, possibly causing rot, mould, and mildew.

Contact a professional plumber when you first notice the toilet moving or tilting. The plumber will inspect the seals and bolts to ensure the connections are secure. Sometimes, the toilet and its components are fine; the problem is the floor itself. A sagging floor can force a separation from the toilet. 

2. Bowl Is Cracked

Not all cracks in a toilet bowl signal it is time for a replacement. If cracks are on the outside of the bowl and only the hairline, you can use plumbing epoxy to repair them. Plumbers can also seal cracks inside the bowl if they are not too large, bigger than 1/16 of an inch.

Even if a plumber can repair minor cracks, you need to understand the repairs are only temporary solutions. Once a bowl cracks, it will probably grow weaker every day. To avoid leaks and injuries, it is best to replace a cracked toilet sooner than later.

3. Toilets Runs Continuously

When you flush your toilet, it should only run for about a minute or two, long enough to refill the bowl and the tank. If the toilet runs longer than average, there is likely a problem somewhere in the tank.

The most common problem occurs when the flapping gets tangled with the chain, preventing it from shutting. Most people resolve the issue by wiggling the handle.

If wiggling the handle doesn’t work, your toilet likely needs a new flapper or fill valve. A plumber can help determine the underlying cause.

If you ignore running water in the toilet, it will affect your water bill. Also, if the issue is not the flapper but the fill valve, the tank may overflow the toilet, causing water damage in the bathroom. Contacting a plumber is the fastest and most efficient way to resolve your toilet problem.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced plumber, you should check out Handyman Connection. You may ask yourself, “how does Handyman Connection work?” Well, it works in much the same way as other contractor services. However, the company has over 20 years of experience and countless positive consumer reviews to back up its industry-leading reputation.

Toilet issues may seem small, but they often result from or cause more significant problems. If your toilet is tilting, running, or cracked, contact a licensed and experienced plumber. Call the experts of Handyman Connection.

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