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Ultimate Power Washing Guide

Reliable and Top Advice: The Ultimate Power Washing Guide

Power washing—or pressure washing—is a convenient tool to get that dirt and grime easily off surfaces such as your driveway, patio, deck, roof, and more. There are various treatments and services that will make everything look brand new. If you have never received this service before or are thinking about power washing as a part of spring cleaning, our guide has some tips for you.

Power Washing Benefits

Your home might look clean from the outside, but after the years, dirt and grime builds up as a part of your home. When you see the effects of a power washing service, the shining color of your home versus the grime will be a difference you will never unsee.


Power washers are a great tool to use, but if used improperly, they can cause a lot of damage. Power washers pressurize water via an electric or gas pump to create a powerful stream that removes dirt and grime in an instant.

Power washers come in a variety of sizes depending on your need from light duty to professional or extra-heavy duty. If you are cleaning your small patio every once and awhile, you will only need light-duty.


Power washers come with an array of possible tips to change the effect and result of your cleaning. The tips are colorized universally to help distinguish their characteristics. Different tips and angles of spray are more suited for different surfaces. For example, a red tip is the narrowest at zero degrees and can cause damage to many surfaces or up close to any surface. A black tip is a 65-degree angle and is the gentlest, it can get a surface wet but will not remove dirt.


There are multiple cleaners and additions to create more effective cleaning results. Attachments can expand the reach, store soap and detergent, use a surface-cleaner, and more.

How to

Hearing and eye protection is a must. Different nozzles, wands, and cleaners all have different results and uses. When cleaning a surface, test a small patch to see the result first. Move in an even up-and-down motion to clean evenly, do not linger to cause damage, only stop at the edge of a surface when spraying, and do not overlap strokes because this will be visible.

With these beginning tips, you will be ready to start planning how to power wash around your home. Or, these tips will help to give you a better understanding when you begin to hire professionals to come and complete the work for you.

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