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Why Hardwood Refinishing Is Best Left to Professionals

If you have hardwood floors in your home it’s safe to assume you’ve thought about sprucing them up. However, hardwood refinishing will require the use of tools that you may not have readily available at your disposal. 

Hardwood refinishing involves the operation of a drum sander in addition to stain and lacquer. Are these tools ones that you are familiar with or comfortable using? If not, here are some of the best reasons to leave the job to the professionals.

Reasons for Professionals to Assist with Hardwood Refinishing

While buffing out some scratches on your floor and applying a top coat may not seem like a large overhaul, refinishing your hardwood floors may be a little more complex than you thought.

Sure, you might own a drum sander and may have stained some wood before, but now we are talking about a large surface area that — if not done correctly — could cause unforeseen damage and may end up costing more than you initially thought had you have left the job to a professional. Here are some things professional services may offer that you cannot do.

Major or Minor Repairs

No matter how large or small your hardwood refinishing project is a professional is well equipped to take it on. If during what you thought was just some simple sanding, staining, and applying a finish you find there was some accidental or unknown damage, are you handy enough to fix the issue? If you discover some planks actually need to be repaired or removed a professional can do so. 

Attention to Detail

After the floors are prepped and ready for the next stages, matching the stain and pattern is something an expert will have a much easier time with than if you try to do it yourself. Having the sanding patterns and color matching done correctly is something that can make or break the overall finish of your floor. Is this something you know how to do already? If not, you might want to leave this one to a skilled craftsman who only uses the best tools available.

Full Suite of Services 

When you work with professionals, such as the craftsmen at Handyman Connection, the end result will be beautifully refinished hardwood floors. Refinishing hardwood can be a laborious task and a messy one at that. If you’ve never refinished floors before, you may be unaware of how much dust and debris can fly around in the process — resulting in those working and in the vicinity to wear masks. Not to mention, a professional service will have all the tools needed to do the job to the utmost satisfaction, whereas if you run into a problem, you may need to call an expert in, resulting in a higher cost than what could’ve been accomplished from the start.

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