Maybe you’ve been ignoring that dripping faucet. Or it’s time to replace your old toilet with a water-conserving model. No matter what your plumbing service needs, Handyman Connection provides home plumbing services from expert plumbers who can handle everything from stopping leaks and fixing shower heads to installing washing machine hookups and more. All of our plumbing work is performed by top-notch craftsmen who will help you find the best solution for your home. To find a plumber near you, call or request a free estimate online today.

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Jobs We Specialize In

If you are in need of Handyman Connection’s home plumbing services, our handymen are here to complete any job or repair, as our jobs list above states. Whether it is an update, replacement, repair, or installation that is needed, our home plumbing services are here to fix anything our valuable customers may require. We complete any jobs in the home from your bathrooms, kitchen, basement, utility closet, water lines, and more.

Our jobs include a variety of fixes such as repairing leaky toilets, faucets, and pipes. We will repair shower heads, steam showers, vent pipes, and drain systems. If it is a replacement that you need, we can not only replace but install new showers and tubs, shower heads, vanities, faucets, toilets, flanges, wax rings, sinks, and more. No matter the problem, our handymen will fix it.

A timely repair can save you and your home from costly damages due to moisture, leaks, and flooding. Don’t hesitate to contact our handymen because Handyman Connection is here to help you with any plumbing repair or replacement job. We will save you the time and hassle that a leaky sink or shower brings. With our plumbing services, your appliances and plumbing will be working smoothly in no time.

  • Leaking toilets and leaking faucets
  • Installing toilets, flanges and wax rings
  • Supply line installation or replacement
  • Adding new mixer valves in showers
  • Moving drains and supply lines
  • Installing and repairing shower heads and steam showers
  • Repairing vent pipes and drain systems
  • Installing washing machine hookups
  • Toilet Installation or Replacement
  • Tub/Shower Installation or Replacement
  • Vanity Installation or Replacement
  • Faucet Installation or Replacement
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