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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, or one that isn’t being utilized to its full potential, a basement remodel* is full of possibilities for your home. Before you start, however, it’s important to ask yourself a few essential questions to ensure that all potential issues have been addressed beforehand and you won’t be surprised by costly changes or repairs down the road. 

  1. Is the foundation stable? If your basement walls are cracked, bowing, or showing other signs of settling, these problems and any other structural problems must be fixed before any remodeling can take place. Trying to drywall over it will not only result in damage to the drywall, it will also destroy your ability to monitor the issue, as well as limit your access when repairs need to be done later. 
  1. Does your basement have water problems? If your basement tends to be damp, or has a tendency to flood during heavy rains, these water issues need to be taken care of pronto if you’re serious about remodeling. This could include sealing the foundation, installing an air conditioner or dehumidifier, adding insulation to cut down on condensation, and installing or relocating registers. Skip this step in your basement, and you could be looking at dangerous mold growth, soggy carpet, and wet drywall that necessitates the trouble and expense of drywall removal and installation. 
  1. Is there enough light? Basements naturally tend to be fairly dark, with even the walkout variety having its areas of gloom. You’ll need to carefully consider how you want make up for this deficiency, consulting with an experienced contractor to see if the basement walls will support adding or enlarging windows. While natural light is best, if windows aren’t an option, you can get still get plentiful light by using a combination of lamps, recessed lighting, mirrors, and light colors that reflect light. 
  1. What activities will the basement be used for? One of the most important decisions to make concerning a basement remodel is deciding what you want the basement’s main function to be. Do you have young children? You may want to consider a basement playroom where you can keep their toys and games contained and away from the main floor. Have older children? A media or game room could be the perfect place for them to get away and enjoy their own space or have friends over. Do you work out a lot? Why not ditch that gym membership and put in your own home gym? The possibilities are endless, and as long as you consider your family’s needs and activities in your decision, you can’t go wrong!

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