Newsletter  /  April 12, 2019

3 Ideas to Reinvent Your Basement Space

Basements have a ton of potential and can offer some great benefits, but only if you’re smart about how you take advantage of the space. You can always call on Handyman Connection to perform basement renovations and help you create a space that works better for your family, but it’s always good to first get some idea of what you want by taking a look at a few of the most popular options for basement remodeling.

Home Gym

Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on a gym membership when you could invest in a basic home gym that will pay for itself in a matter of a year or two? While the initial investment may seem cost-prohibitive, it doesn’t have to be. Start by searching online for a few of your favorite pieces; you’re sure to find someone selling a treadmill or elliptical that they bought back at the beginning of the year. Then add more equipment as desired.

Playroom/Game Room

Whether it’s a playroom for toddlers and younger children or a game room for your tweens and teens, devoting the basement to the entertainment of your children and their friends can be a lifesaver for frazzled parents. Not only will a play area help keep toys and games away from the main living area, basements generally help keep the noise down as well.

Home Theater

While going out to the movies can be a fun experience, many people – especially those with children – can afford to indulge in this activity only occasionally due to the combined cost of tickets and snacks. Invest in a home theater, however, and you can “go to the movies” whenever you want! Just set up a big-screen TV or invest in a high-quality projector, add some quality sound equipment and cushy theater seating, and before you know it you and your family will have the perfect spot for enjoying your favorite movie or the next big game.

Find a Local Handyman

Are you asking yourself, “How do I find an affordable handyman near me?” If so, look no further than Handyman Connection. We can help you find an experienced craftsman in your area that will help you reinvent your basement just the way you want. Give us a call today at (800) 88-HANDY to find out more.

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