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Plumbing Problems? When You Should Call Plumbing Professionals

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Plumbing issues in your home can be serious, so it’s important to call plumbing professionals if you are experiencing a major plumbing problem in your home. However, there are some smaller plumbing repairs that you can probably handle yourself. 

Here are some plumbing repairs that you can probably handle on your own:

A Clogged Drain:

If your shower or sink are clogged, usually you can fix this issue on your own. Try using a drain snake to clean out the drain first. Drain snakes are very affordable and help to pull out any stuck hair and other gunk clogging your drain. You could also try using a natural solution to unclog your drain before using harsh chemicals. Baking soda and hot water do wonders. There are many DIY solutions that can help clean out your drains. 

A Dripping Faucet:

Luckily, a dripping faucet is usually a fairly easy fix as well and you probably won’t need to call plumbing professionals to fix this. A dripping faucet is incredibly common and has probably already happened once in your home. Usually, all you need to do is change the washer in the faucet itself, with the right household tools you can fix this yourself. 

A Running Toilet:

Another common issue is a running toilet. After you flush, does the water continue running? Try removing the tank lid, find the chain and attach it to the lever that is attached to the toilet handle. Most of the time that chain comes unattached and it’s an easy fix to do on your own. 

Here are the plumbing repairs that are best left to the plumbing professionals: 

Clogged Sewer Lines:

If your sewer line is clogged this can be a huge issue for all the plumbing in your home. It’s important to call the plumbing professionals to take a look at this and repair it, rather than you attempting it on your own. 

Sump Pump Problems:

There are many reasons why a sump pump may fail or have problems. It’s common for them to become overwhelmed or clogged. Professionals are the best for handing any repairs to your sump pump because if you aren’t careful messing up your sump pump more could cause larger issues. 

Leaky Hot Water Heater:

A leaky hot water heater is a common problem, but a problem that is best left to the plumbing professionals. There could be many different reasons why your water heater is leaking so it’s important to have the professionals evaluate what may be causing the problem and how to fix it. 

Plumbing Problems in your Home? Call Handyman Connection. 

If you need help with any plumbing problem in your home Handyman Connection is happy to help. Call or text your local Handyman Connection office and one of our skilled craftsmen can address all your plumbing needs. Fill out our quote form here.

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