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June Home Organization Project: Kids’ Rooms

With the school year wrapping up for many families, June is a great time to get the summer started off on the right foot – with an organized bedroom! Kids’ rooms are often a challenging area to keep in shape, so how can you help your child clean up and organize their room with less nagging and complaining? The solution often involves the installation of shelving and storage, so make the professionals at Handyman Connection your first call. When you’re ready to start organizing, try these nifty tricks to conquer clutter and bring order to kids’ rooms.

  1. Involve your child. Resist the urge to do all the work yourself. Instead, help your child understand the importance of organization. Discuss problem areas and find out which organizational system makes the most sense to him or her. If they’re involved in the effort, children are better able to understand where things should go and how to maintain an organized room.
  2. Cut down on clutter. When setting up an organization system for children, first help them sort through their stuff to see what they’ve got. Don’t allow unused toys and outgrown clothing to take up valuable real estate. Sort through all items, deciding what should be kept, what should be donated or sold, and what should be discarded.
  3. Keep it simple. Use storage boxes, bins or shelving to group like items together, then label each. You can use name labels for a shared bedroom, or label by item to keep things organized in a solo bedroom. Color-coded containers can do the trick too – store all toys in red bins, books in blue bins, and so on.
  4. Organize bottom to top. Start organizing from the bottom of the room, and work your way up. Make sure the most-used toys and clothing are stored on lower shelves and in lower drawers. Higher locations – such as hanging closet space and closet shelves – should be reserved for items that are only needed occasionally.
  5. Stay focused. Don’t let your efforts to organize go to waste! Teach your child to maintain an organized space by picking up the bedroom before going to bed each night, putting items back in the appropriate places. When your child gets a new toy or new item of clothing, encourage him to donate one of the old ones.

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