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Turn a Space in Your Home into a She Shed

How to Turn a Space in Your Home into a She Shed with the Help of Handyman Connection

If you feel like you need your own space in your home, consider turning a part of your house into a she shed. She sheds range from craft spaces to workshops and beyond—no matter what kind of space you are looking for, this is your opportunity to create your own area.

What is a She Shed?

A she shed is a way to turn any old space into a multi-use room. From storing garden tools to setting up for your tools and equipment for refinishing furniture, crafts big and small, a study nook, and more, this space will provide a little get away and a workspace for you to use however you wish.

She sheds can be put into converted sheds or barns or you can get creative and use this idea to upgrade an unfinished area in your basement or garage to make a workspace of your own if you do not have a shed or backyard. Any area that gets upgraded will possibly need insulation, drywall, a fresh coat of paint, and more to make it an attractive and comfortable space. If you are upgrading a shed in your backyard, that fresh coat of paint inside and out plus installing flooring, adding a window or two, and replacing the shed doors will bring new life into the space.

Before you begin any upgrades, it’s important to know what your end goal is. Make a list and see what you can do on your own or where you might need a professional handyman’s help. For example, you can do painting and drywall, but you might need a professional to put in windows and new light switches. No matter what, there are endless ways to complete your next project and it all starts with what you would like to do to make your she shed a reality.

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