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Winter Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home

While the holidays have come to an end, the cold winter weather has not in most places. How is your home standing up to this year’s wintry test?

Winter weather is harsh on even the sturdiest of homes, but with a little foresight and the help of a local handyman, you can make your home safer and stop cold-related home wear-and-tear before it starts. Here are a few winter maintenance tips to keep your home protected from the cold all the way through to the spring.

5 Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Safe

1. Seal leaky doors and windows

Have you noticed a gap between your door seal and the frame? You might benefit from sealing your doors and windows with either weather stripping, self-stick plastic or even an insert. In addition to staying warmer, you’ll also enjoy your lowered heating bill even as the coldest winter months approach.

2. Get rid of gutter icicles

Anyone who’s seen A Christmas Story knows the dangers of gutter icicles – but they can also be damaging to your home. Because water expands as it freezes, ice can crack or warp your gutters, causing major drainage issues come springtime. If you notice that your gutters have frozen, have a home maintenance professional help you clear them out before things get out of hand. And if you’re looking to replace them in the spring, make sure to choose the right gutters for your home’s look and climate.

3. Check your outdoor dryer vent

If you’ve recently had a major snowfall, check your exterior dryer vent to make sure that it hasn’t been covered up by snow. A blocked dryer vent can eventually freeze, causing your dryer to not function properly, or worse, catch fire. In some cases, a blocked dryer vent can cause carbon monoxide to build up in your laundry room, which can be dangerous to yourself and your family. If your dryer vent’s placement is the problem, an experienced handyman can help you reroute it to a safer spot.

4. Test your sump pump

Sump pumps are meant to prevent floods and water damage to your home, but winter’s freezing temperatures can complicate their jobs. While you shouldn’t unplug your sump pump in the winter, make sure the discharge hose is disconnected prior to a bout of cold weather – if it freezes, it’ll be useless. Also, make sure to have a backup hose on hand in case your primary one freezes or cracks in the cold. Check the sump pump pit to make sure there’s no ice or debris and test it regularly. When in doubt, call in a plumbing professional to make sure it’s ready to handle the melting snow come springtime.

5. Protect exterior pipes

You’ll want to protect your pipes from the cold air as well. Unless you catch it early, a frozen pipe can crack, unleashing a flood of water into your home and costing you a fortune in repair bills. There are several different ways to adequately protect your pipes from freezing, but the right solution will vary from home to home – you can call an experienced local handyman to make sure the job is done right.

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