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Seal Your Home’s Love with Warmth: Checking for Drafts in February

As the month of love unfolds, it’s the perfect time to show your home some affection by ensuring it stays warm and cozy during the lingering winter chill. February is an ideal month to inspect your living space for drafts, those sneaky culprits that can compromise your home’s warmth and energy efficiency. Let Handyman Connection guide you through checking for drafts and sealing your home with the love it deserves.

1. Conduct a Thorough Inspection:
Begin your draft-checking journey by conducting a thorough inspection of your home. Consider areas where different building materials meet, such as corners and edges. Check around windows and doors, inspecting for gaps, cracks, or visible light that might indicate a draft. Don’t forget to examine areas with electrical outlets, vents, and baseboards, as these can also be potential sources of drafts. If you need help with this task, Contact Handyman Connection today, and we’ll give you a hand!

2. Feel for the Breeze:
On a chilly day, walk around your home and feel for any unexpected breezes. Use your hand to detect air movements around windows, doors, and other potential draft sources. If you notice a change in temperature or feel a breeze, it’s a sign that cold air is finding its way into your home.

3. Check for Window and Door Seals:
Examine the seals around your windows and doors. Worn-out or damaged seals can contribute to drafts, allowing cold air to infiltrate your home. Handyman Connection’s skilled craftsmen can assist in repairing or replacing these seals, ensuring a tight and effective barrier against the winter chill.

4. Utilize Weather Stripping:
Consider applying weather stripping to windows and doors to provide an additional insulation layer. This cost-effective solution helps seal gaps and prevent drafts, improving your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Professional Assistance from Handyman Connection:
For a comprehensive draft-checking and sealing experience, enlist the help of Handyman Connection and our Home Maintenance Services. Our experienced craftsmen specialize in identifying and addressing drafts in various areas of your home. From repairing seals to installing weather stripping, we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure your home remains warm and inviting throughout the winter months.


As you check for drafts and seal your home’s love with warmth, trust Handyman Connection to be your reliable partner. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that your home receives the care it deserves, making February a month of comfort, coziness, and love. The only thing left to do is to set up an appointment with one of our reliable craftsmen today!

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