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Home Maintenance: Getting the House Ready for the Holidays

Getting the House Ready for the Holidays

The holidays come with lots of excitement, memories, anticipation, or even stress as you try to handle the burden that may come along with it. That ‘burden’ is preparation and making sure your house is ready for the holidays. Our craftspeople want to lighten this load and help you enjoy the holidays this fall and winter with our home maintenance tips.


As the weather cools, this is when you will notice if there is a draft in the house. Correct these fast by installing weather strips on all outside entrance doors. Drafts can come from windows as well which can be sealed, but a more permanent solution would be adding new windows to your home maintenance to-do list.

Exterior Preparations

Before the ice and snow comes and before you put up any decorations, fall is an important time to clean out the gutters, remove any hoses and seal outdoor faucets, and more.

Yearly Checks

It’s a good idea to check around your home at least once a year for any possible leaks, wood rot, or dry rot. Check areas like the basement, bathroom, kitchen, crawl spaces, attic, and more. Leaks already cause lots of damage, but heading into freezing temperatures, this can be even worse.

While all these preparations pertain to the upkeep of your home, these are important to have done so you can start cleaning up, decorating, and planning family dinners. Home maintenance is key to being a homeowner and making the most out of your house. Keep everything in good condition to save yourself the headache of unseen problems or things that could have been fixed.

Fall time with the changing of seasons can disappear fast, so be sure to reach out to craftspeople about their home maintenance solutions.

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