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Wallpaper Trends for 2018

While painting has been the preferred method of wall finishing for decades, wallpaper has hung on in the background. Recently it’s started to make a comeback, providing homeowners with interesting new options in home design and adding a level of opulence to homes that you just can’t get from a can of paint. With the handyman remodeling services available from Handyman Connection, you can make one of these options a reality in your home!

  • Warm metallics. Expected to continue into 2018 is the prevalence of warm metallics in wallpaper patterns. Rose gold and copper are popular options that can be incorporated into any design, providing a warm glow that helps balance out darker colors.
  • Botanical prints. Bringing the soothing colors of nature indoors, the botanical trend incorporates a variety of flora to help you achieve a particular look and feel, from flowers and vines to palms and banana leaves.
  • Marbling. If you like the elegant appearance of marble but don’t want to deal with the upkeep, marbled wallpaper is an excellent option. It’s much lighter and easier to install than marble tiles or panels, and you get the same random veining and swirling colors. In fact, manufacturers have started to experiment with more non-traditional colors and patterns, opening a wide array of choices for those looking for a unique style.
  • Intricate designs in small spaces. Bold, busy prints can be overwhelming in large spaces, but in a small room such as a bathroom it has the opposite effect. Intricate patterns make small spaces feel cozy and luxurious, and homeowners are able to have fun with the pattern without worrying about going overboard.
  • Illusion/themed wallpaper. Intended to add interest and depth and make walls come alive, illusion wallpaper patterns can feature items such as brick, stone, wood planks and even books. Illusion wallpaper also often features themes that aren’t usually found in the home, such as animals, cityscapes, forest settings, mountain or ocean views, allowing occupants to experience the feel of other places without leaving their home.

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