Newsletter  /  October 24, 2017

November Home Organization Project: Dining Room

If you are like many chronically disorganized people, your dining room may have become a landing place for anything and everything that you don’t have the time or energy to put in the proper location. If you can’t use the dining room table for its intended purpose – enjoying family dinners together, not storing household odds and ends – then it’s time for an organization intervention. Let’s get started!

Declutter. The first step to getting your dining room organized is to purge it of anything that doesn’t belong. Baskets of laundry, piles of paper, stacks of books – whatever it is, take the time to remove it and then put it where it goes! Otherwise, you’ll end up having the same organization problem, just in a different room. You want to make it easy and convenient to eat in your dining room, so clear it out except for centerpieces and décor items.

Clean. For the next step in your journey to organization, take the time to deep clean the room. Start by moving the table and vacuuming the rug (if you have one), and sweeping and mopping the floor. Then use a vacuum attachment to get into the corners of the room, as well as clean window treatments. Use a cloth to dust display items and clean windowsills and baseboards, then wash the windows. Don’t forget to give attention to the room’s lighting fixture, which often gets ignored. Last but not least, give the dining room table a good wipedown and polish.

Organize. The key to organizing your dining room is to make sure that everything you put in the room has a purpose, whether it be functional or decorative. Storage space is important, so if you don’t have a buffet, sideboard or china cabinet, it’s time to get one. You could also repurpose an old dresser. Whichever furniture you use, make sure it has plenty of drawer space for storing things like flatware, placemats, napkins and table linens.

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