Home Maintenance  /  August 30, 2017

September Home Maintenance Reminder: Winterize Your Home

Shorter days are a subtle sign that cold weather is just a few short weeks away. No matter where you live, preparing a home for winter is an important step to protect your property and prevent costly damage during the cold season. Here are some important maintenance reminders to help you.

  • Schedule an HVAC system checkup. Before firing up your furnace full-time, schedule a routine maintenance check with a qualified technician. A pro can clean the vents, replace air filters and tune up the system so it runs more efficiently and consumes less energy during cold weather.
  • Clean out gutters. Check the roof for damaged or worn shingles, and clean out all gutters and downspouts to stop clogs from forming. Clogged gutters can allow rain and snowmelt to back up and freeze, causing leaks and other damage to the roof and gutter system.
  • Caulk and weatherstrip. Dodge cold drafts during the winter months by sealing cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Add weatherstripping or caulking in these areas to stop unwanted leaks and cut down drastically on energy costs.
  • Trim back tree branches. Winter wind, snow and ice can weigh down branches, causing them to rub against the exterior or crack and fall on your home. A handyman can properly trim back branches and ensure your home remains safe until spring. Also be sure to cover outdoor furniture, shut off water valves, and store your garden hose.
  • Add a storm door. Installing a storm door on your home reduces the impact of weather on your entry door. In addition, a storm door adds another layer of insulation that stops cold winter winds and improves efficiency.

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