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August Home Organization Project: Bathrooms

Even a large bathroom can begin to feel cramped when there’s too much clutter in the space. Here’s how to add better storage and organization so you can truly relax and unwind in this room.

Refocus the Medicine Cabinet

Despite its name, it’s better to avoid storing medicines in the medicine cabinet since heat and humidity can shorten their life. Instead, make your cabinet home to only those supplies you use on an everyday basis and get rid of the rest.

Stash Hair Products

Brushes, styling products, curling irons and hair dryers can quickly take over a bathroom countertop. To clear this clutter, buy a caddy that can be stored under the sink or in a closet and taken out when you style your hair. Before you place an item in the caddy, evaluate whether it is something you use regularly. If not, give the product to a friend or donate it.

Add Towel Storage

Tired of seeing a pile of damp towels crumpled on the bathroom floor? If your towel rack isn’t large enough to accommodate the family’s needs, try assigning each person a hook to hang their towel. Your bathroom floor will stay clear, your towels will be dry and everyone will know whose is whose.

Group Like Items

Rather than sorting through a jumble of products every time you open a door, keep like items in their own labeled storage bins in a linen closet or under the sink. When you need something, simply slide the entire container out for easy access. This technique can also be used to organize bathroom drawers. Instead of using storage bins, try an expandable drawer organizer or small wooden boxes.

Add Some Style

If you have the counter space, invest in pretty jars or containers to hold toiletries such as cotton balls, swabs, soaps and bath salts. They will add a touch of elegance, and as a bonus, your guests won’t have to rummage through your cabinets when they need something.

Update Your Bathroom With a Handyman

If you find that you need more cabinets, a fresh coat of paint or even a complete bathroom remodel, Handyman Connection is here to make your bathroom vision a reality.

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