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Room for Kids: Creating Kid-Friendly Spaces

Creating Kid-Friendly Spaces

Kids can be kids. They have passionate likes and dislikes, they can be rambunctious or calm, and we love them so much while we might find ourselves about to pull our hair out. No matter, there is a unique challenge to designing and picking out what you should include in a kid-friendly space. The look, use, and comfort of it all is our highest concern. Let’s see how you can create a room for kids with these options.

Storage and Furniture

Kids have lots of things! They grow and go through clothes at bizarre rates, they have toys they love, you might have some keepsakes of their younger years, and more. This is why it is important to have storage options in a kids’ room. We like low storage cabinets or low custom shelves where kids can keep their toys or books, allowing for an interactive ability to put them away, take them out, and more. All furniture in the room such as tall bookcases should be secured and anchored to the wall in case a child attempts to climb.


The best part is choosing the colors in a kid’s room. A room for kids can be elaborate in the color scheme or can have a pop of color for some whimsy. Unlike other places in your home, this is really a space where all the creativity can come out.


Soft materials, cushioned furniture, and more are important to avoid accidents in a room for kids. Avoid anything with sharp corners or hard materials like stone, hardwood, and more.

You will want a kid’s room to have multi-use possibilities. You may be working with a budget or limited space. This is why a desk should double as a play table, or your storage cabinets can be low with a surface to use on top in place of a desk. There are so many creative options, you can design these rooms in so many ways. Explore and see what possibilities lie ahead for you and your family.

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