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Gruesome DIY Stories

Gruesome DIY Stories

Learn From These Gruesome DIY Stories

Halloween may be just around the corner, but when you are completing a home improvement project, you don’t want the results to be scary or gruesome like the holiday season. From poor planning, rushing, and mistakes, DIY projects can quickly turn into a real-life scary movie. Let’s look at some home improvement mistakes and see how you can avoid them during your next project.

Safety First

This is a scare you do not want to have. When working on a DIY home improvement project, wear eye protection, a face mask, closed shoes, have your hair tied back, and do not wear loose clothing to avoid injury or accidents. When using saws or loud equipment, wear ear protection as well.

Sanding Wood

If you are in a rush, preparing a new update just in time for your family’s Halloween party, this is a key step you will not want to miss. Sanding wood is essential. This will allow any stains or seals to set in deeper, as well as remove the threat of any splinters and rough surfaces.


Losing money on a DIY project can be a scary thing. If you are refinishing some furniture, it is important to test out the stains or paint you will be using in small out of sight places, or on scraps of the same wood.


DIY is advantageous because you can save money because you are not hiring anyone to do the job but be careful in being too frugal. You will want to take your time and see what materials are worth their price—pick something that is durable and will last. For example, when buying paint, do you want the cheapest bucket that requires four layers? No. Go with a quality color and paint that will last and go on efficiently.

Don’t let these DIY mistakes become a part of your next Halloween story. We want everyone to work safely on any improvements and know that local craftspeople are there to help. Take your time and start planning your next project.

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