Painting  /  December 1, 2019

How do you put together an estimate for a painting project?

Painting projects can seem pretty straight forward. But how much does it really cost? How much time will it take and how much money will you need to spend? Do you really need cans of paint, or do you need less?

These are some of the questions that can pop up as you’re considering painting one or more of your rooms. The good news is, the answers to these questions are pretty straight forward! While any good painting services company will be able to help give you exact estimates, here’s an inside look on how we do it. 

What expenses go into painting? 

The painting expenses are pretty simple and straightforward: 

  • Paint: This is the most obvious, but paint is going to cost money. How much money will depend on the brand of paint you’re using and how much paint you’ll need for your room. Larger rooms will require more paint and potentially, more coats.
  • Materials: Things like paintbrushes, masking plastic and paper, tape, and primer. The materials needed will vary job to job and in some cases, these might be things that a professional painting services company already has. 
  • Labor: This can be the hardest to measure. While any painting services company will give you an exact breakdown on labor, keep in mind you’re paying for their expertise as well as their time and energy. 

Why should I go with a professional service? 

If there was any part of your remodel you could get away with doing, it would be the paint portion. But skill and expertise can make a huge difference between a sloppy paint job and a seamless one. 

At the end of a remodel, you want your room to look polished and perfect. Working with a professional painting service can help guarantee that level of quality. Call Handyman Connection today to get an estimate for your home.

*Not all services provided in all areas, check with your local office.

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