Painting  /  December 2, 2019

Tips for Painting an Accent Wall

If you’ve watched HGTV or kept up with interior design trends over the last few years, you’ve seen accent walls in action. Accent walls are walls painted a different color to help accentuate features of the room like the color scheme or architecture. 

But what goes into picking and painting an accent wall? Believe it or not, it’s a lot harder than just picking a wall and painting it a different color. While trends come and go, there are some things that painting services craftsmen keep in mind when consulting on accent walls. 

What type of color should I paint my accent wall? 

The color you choose will come down to your personal preferences and the details of the room you’re painting. It’s always good to pick colors that have a nice juxtaposition or compliment each other. 

Bold colors used to be very popular colors for accent walls, but going with a more neutral tone is probably a better choice. You can always work your way up to a bolder color, but it’s hard to come back from a bold choice.

Which wall is the natural focal point? 

When you walk into a room, where does your eye naturally go? Is there a specific wall that your eyes just gravitate to? If so, then that’s probably the wall that you’d want to paint a different color. 

The focal point will depend a lot on the arrangement of the furniture and structure of a room. With that being said, make sure that the wall you paint will work as a focal wall despite arrangement of the furniture. A painting services company will help you find an accent wall that works. 

What if I don’t want to paint? 

Accent walls don’t necessarily have to be painted. You can add wallpaper, texture or even a unique design to an accent wall to make it pop. 

Whatever you’re leaning towards, Handyman Connection’s skilled craftsmen will be able to help you. Reach out for a consultation today. 

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