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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

small room

Space rooms, small rooms, and those areas in the home that don’t seem to have a purpose can be hard to decorate or navigate. If you are looking for ways to make the space feel a little better, here are some home improvement tips that can help you improve that small room.


The color a room is painted can really have an effect on how big or small it feels. Update your room with some fresh paint and choose light colors such as egg-shell white, off-white, beige, and more to make the space feel large. On the contrary, dark colors can make a space shrink and feel small.


If your small room does not have good lighting, this needs to be fixed right away. Poor lighting can make a room feel small but one with good bright lighting can really open it up. If your room has a window, make sure those blinds are up or the curtains are back to let natural light in.


If the room is already small, big accent pieces of furniture will not help much. These can dominate a room and make it feel smaller than it already is. Light colored pieces and quaint furniture will fit well in these spaces without getting in the way or feeling overbearing.


Custom storage can create many opportunities to keep items out of sight. For example, a bench seat along the wall or in a corner doesn’t take up much room but can have storage space inside. This will keep items from cluttering a small room, leading to a more open feeling.

From coloration, to lighting, and how you set up a room, you have many ways to make a small room feel airy and big. See how these tips can help you improve the spaces in your home. Start planning and discover how home improvements can be made around your house.

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