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4 Spring Home Projects You Can DIY, and 4 You Shouldn’t DIY

There is no better time than Springtime to get started on any spring home projects that you have been dying to get to. However, there are some home improvement projects that you can definitely tackle yourself, but there are also home improvement projects that you should leave to the professionals! It’s important to familiarize yourself with the projects you can attempt and should not attempt on your own.

4 Spring Home Projects You Can DIY


Painting is an excellent spring home project you can do on your own. If you want to add an accent wall to your daughter’s bedroom, or to your breakfast nook, then by all means go to your local paint store and get started!

Putting Up Curtains

Adding curtains to different rooms in your house will definitely spice up your interior. Curtains are generally an affordable and easy to-put-up DIY home improvement project. Adding the right curtains to your room can make a huge difference in your home.

Buy, Paint and Put up a New Mailbox

Consider buying, painting and putting up a new mailbox. Mailboxes only last a few years because of outdoor weather conditions. Buying a new mailbox every so often is an easy DIY project that will make your house stand out.

Install New Knobs

Have you ever considered installing new knobs to your cabinets? Adding new knobs to your cabinets is an incredibly easy spring home project and it adds a fresh touch to your kitchen and bedroom.

4 Spring Home Projects You Shouldn’t DIY:

Electrical Work

Electrical work is just one of many spring home projects that you shouldn’t do on your own. It can be dangerous if not properly handled, without the proper training you could end up getting shocked or worse. If you need to replace any electrical wires definitely consider hiring an electrician to do the job.

Tree Removal

Regardless of if a large tree came down near your house in a windy storm, or if there’s a dead tree outside your window, it’s best to call the professionals. It’s important to consider the foliage on the tree as well as the height and weight of the tree. If you are not a tree removal expert, then leave it to the professionals to carefully remove the tree from your property.


It’s always wise to call the professional when it comes to anything involving your plumbing. Fixing a leaky pipe may look easy, but it could actually turn into a plumbing nightmare. Calling the professionals is the way to go.  

Installing Large Appliances

Buying new appliances is a great way to add improvements to your home this spring. However, it’s always worth it to hire professionals to help you install these items. What if your new fridge or dishwasher doesn’t quite fit where your old one did? You may need to make minor adjustments to your kitchen to make room for your new appliances. You may also need to slightly reposition the water and electric lines.

If you are ready to tackle spring home projects, make sure to call Handyman Connection for an estimate. Our trained professionals have the tools and expertise to properly repair your leaky pipes or help you install new electric or appliances.

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