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Red, White, or Blue? Let us Lend a Hand with Your Next Painting Project!


Update Your Home with Interior and Exterior Painting

The warm months of the summer are a great time to update the interior or exterior of your home with a new painting project. Whether you are repainting a room as an update or looking for a whole new look, our craftspeople at Handyman Connection are here to help you figure out which colors and paints will bring life into the rooms of your home.

Red, White, or Blue?

Choosing the color of a room can be the most exciting yet difficult step. If you are repainting, you will just have to match the shade to your existing room. But if you are looking for a brand-new color, prepare to gather lots of color swatches and ask for many opinions on what color might suit a room the best.

Colors have a big impact on the space around you. It’s known that lighter colors like white, cream, and tan can make a space feel bigger and airy. On the opposite side of the spectrum, dark colors like neutral tones, grayscale, dark cool tones, and more can make a room feel smaller. These are great tricks if you are painting a small room—make it bright! If you are painting a large room, it’s safe to use dark colors without feeling like the room is getting too small.

Painting Preparation

Once your color is picked up, you will need to prepare the space you are painting in. This includes putting down a painters’ cloth or plastic to protect your floor. You will need to use painters’ tape to line any molding and structures on the wall where you do not want to get paint on them. First, line the room using a paintbrush around all the molding—windows, doors, crown molding, base molding—so you can roll next without having to work around any small areas. 

Painting inside or out, you will be ready to get started in no time. Save yourself the hassle with our professional craftspeople’s help too, we are here and ready to help you paint as needed. Enjoy your new colors in no time with our help.

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