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How to Paint your House and When to Call the Professionals

Painting Your House? Tips from Our Craftsmen

Painting your house can be a large job, if you want to repaint your entire home it may be a good idea to call the professionals. House painting is no easy job and can be dangerous if you are climbing on ladders to reach the higher areas. However, there are many aspects to consider when deciding to paint your home and some of it you can handle on your own. 

Take the Weather into Account

Even if you plan on hiring professionals you should consider hiring them during a span of good weather. Weather can be unpredictable but if you have rainy springs, consider waiting until the summer or fall to have your home repainted. Low humidity days are also best! 

Choose a High Quality Paint

High quality paints may be slightly more expensive but they also last longer and you will be able to go longer without repainting your house again. The quality of the paint is definitely important to consider. 

Hire Professionals

Once you have picked a good time of year and a high quality paint, it may be time to call in the house painting professionals. 

Clean the Exterior of Your Home

Before painting it’s always good to prep the surface. Cleaning the exterior of your home is the best way to prep your home for paint. Power washing is a great option to really remove any dirt, mildew or old chipping paint. 

Scrap and Sand Your Home

Part of the surface prepping process is scraping and sanding the exterior of your home as well. Make sure you wear a mask during this process because you won’t want to inhale any of the old paint or wood debris coming off your home during this process. 

Fill and Patch

Next you will want to patch and fill any cracks, holes or areas of rot before you start painting. There are some really affordable materials that are great for filling cracks and holes. 


Lastly, before you can start the actual house painting you must prime your home. A primer is incredibly important and you should not skip this step. There are many different primers to use depending on your need and house material. Pick the right one for your home. 


Now it’s finally time to paint your home. It’s important to hire the professionals to paint your home especially if you have to climb on ladders to reach high areas. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home is also a great way to add curb appeal and more value to your home. 

At Handyman Connection our highly trained and skilled craftsmen can ensure a seamless house painting experience. Call or text your local Handyman Connection office for exterior and interior house painting services as well as other homer repair and improvement services. 

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