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10 Home Improvement Projects for 2021

Discover the Top 10 Home Improvement Projects for 2021

A few months into the new year, it’s time to begin planning which home improvement projects you would like to complete this year. Whether you have a long list or are just starting, here are the top 10 home improvement projects for 2021.

1.   The Kitchen: Your kitchen has had more use than ever this past year. Doubling as a school, office, and entertainment space, this multi-purpose room needs an efficient and creative upgrade to keep up with your personal tastes and ever-evolving needs.

2.   Home Office: As working remotely continues, guest rooms, or creating spaces in the garage or basement have become a must to create an office to continue your work and have a place to concentrate.

3.   Floor Plan: With home becoming a multi-use space, open floor plans can be distracting for a family trying to balance schoolwork, office work, and more all at once. Home offices, good insulation, and separate spaces will help with a family’s concentration and efficiency.

4.   Paint: After spending so much time at home, it’s tempting to change things up a bit. Bright and warm colors create a comfortable and positive space. Calming colors such as soft green and light blues are popular this year too.

5.   Laundry Rooms: Spending more time at home, you will want each room to be comfortable and pleasant to see. Upgrade your laundry room with more storage and cabinetry. Add little accents or baskets to sort laundry and consider installing counters around your utility sink to create an easier workspace.

6.   Zoom Meetings: Create a space with good lighting in your home and a calm background to hold your daily conferences.

7.   Outdoors: Update your entertainment spaces outside with a new patio, deck, or gazebo to get more enjoyment out of your backyard.

8.   Windows: Update your windows and help control the heating and cooling in your home.

9.   Exercise Rooms: Home gyms are important with exercising outside your home not possible for many people. Create space for a home gym.

10.   Bathroom: Updating your bathroom with new flooring, a toilet, or shower gives great resell value to your home. Add some color with tile or a splash and make the space your own.

With these top 10 home improvement projects, you will be able to tackle 2021 with a variety of projects to look forward to. Take advantage of your spaces’ multi-use opportunities and create the home you and your family will continue to enjoy.

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