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Install a Dog Door (Without Calling for Installation Services)

With the weather growing warmer, it’s that time of year to be outside, and no one likes the outdoors more than your dog (or cat). And nothing makes outside time for your pet easier and more accessible than a dog door.

Not only will a pet door help your dog (or cat) be more active in the milder months, but it will also give them the freedom to come and go a little more freely (e.g. – if it becomes too hot outside, they can let themselves back inside to cool off). On top of that, pet door installation doesn’t have to be intimidating; with the right tools, you can install your dog door without calling in handyman services.

Consider the size your pet door should be based on your pet (for example, a cat door is going to be much smaller than a German shepherd door). A good rule of thumb is to measure your pet’s shoulders—a pet door should be two inches wider than your pet’s shoulders and two inches deeper than the measurement from the top of your pet’s shoulders to their stomach.

Now, you have a couple of options.

Option #1: Buying and installing a pet door from your local pet store.

Option #2: Building and installing a pet door of your own design.

Like all things, designing and building your own pet door has pros and cons. Pro: it has all the features that you would like (assorted screens, locks, etc.). Con: it is far more time consuming to design, build, and install than a premade pet door.

Regardless of whether your making your own or installing a store-bought door, the basic tools you’ll need are:

·         a drill

·         a jigsaw (or a saw with similar capabilities)

·         a few pieces of sandpaper (to smooth out rough edges)

·         a square

·         a pencil for marking off cuts

·         a tape measure

·         caulk

·         a hammer and screwdriver (for taking the door off its hinges)

Remove your door from its hinges and lay it across a pair of sawhorses exterior side down. Using your tape measure and pencil, mark off the section of the door for the pet door and cut it out with your jigsaw. Attach the interior and exterior halves of the pet door, caulk along the edges for a weather-proof seal, and hang your door back on its hinges!

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