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Should You Add Cabinets to Your Kitchen? What You Need to Know

If you’re tired of overflowing pantries and drawers and countertops (oh my!), then you may be considering adding new cabinets to improve your kitchen’s storage space. Cabinets can be a great investment, but depending on the space, they may not be the best option for your kitchen.

So should you add cabinets? And why or why not? Before you start your cabinet shopping, here are a few things to consider about your own kitchen first: 

When to Add Cabinets to Your Kitchen

If you have upper wall space

Adding upper cabinets is a great use of bare wall space above existing countertops or lower cabinets.

If you don’t mind moving a few pieces of wall art around, this is an easy way to increase your kitchen’s storage space without making too many major changes. 

If you want to close off the area

Open-concept kitchens are great, but it is possible to over-do it.

If you want your kitchen to have a little more separation between, say, the nearest bathroom or kids’ play area, adding cabinets with an overhang countertop is a great way to do it.  

If you want to add a permanent kitchen island

Tired of trying to slice veggies on your wheeled kitchen cart? Adding a permanent kitchen island with base cabinets is a great way to lock down your kitchen’s center workspace while increasing your kitchen’s storage and counter space totals at the same time. 

Note: Keep in mind that permanent kitchen islands are usually required to have electrical outlets installed for safety reasons. This is to prevent kitchen appliance cords from being run across walkways.

For help installing your base cabinet kitchen island, contact a remodeling professional and/or experienced electrician

If you need more counter space

If you have lower wall space and also need more countertop to work with, adding cabinets might be a good option for your kitchen.

By adding floor cabinets with countertops, you’ll be able to knock out two birds with one stone, just like with your kitchen island. 

If you can match your existing cabinets (or replace all of them)

Lastly, only add additional cabinets if you can match them to your existing ones, or if you’re replacing the existing ones anyway.

You may think the slight differences won’t matter, but they may detract from your home’s value if you plan on selling your home down the line (or they might drive you crazy for years to come). 

If your original cabinets were installed years ago and you can’t find a good match, consider scrapping all of them before adding new ones, or going with another storage option like accent shelving or a custom pantry build. 

When Not to Add Cabinets (and What to Try Instead)

If you have a small kitchen

Adding cabinets will make an already-small kitchen feel even smaller. If you need more storage but you’re low on space, try adding open kitchen shelving along the walls to keep the area open and airy. 

If you can improve your kitchen’s organization

Believe it or not, a little decluttering can go a long way in terms of making your existing cabinetry work.

Before investing in new cabinets, see if you can scale down your kitchen inventory and make the most of your space. 

When decluttering, think about the things that you use on a regular and seasonal basis.

If there are things you never use – like that old vegetable dehydrator you got for your wedding 10 years ago  – consider donating or selling them, especially if you haven’t used them in the last year or two. 

If you can install recessed custom shelving

Depending on the makeup of your kitchen, you may want to opt for recessed shelving instead of cabinets.

Cabinets tend to be large and bulky, taking up a lot of physical – and visual – space in your kitchen. 

Recessed shelving, or shelving that’s set into your walls, is a great option for small kitchens that have room within the walls to do it. Call a shelving professional to see if this is an option for your kitchen. 

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