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Home Remodeling: Expectation vs Reality

It’s hard not to have high expectations when remodeling your home. After all, you’re investing a lot of money into the remodel, and the professionals on television make it look easy. If TV showed every single step of a remodel, it wouldn’t be on TV. 

TV shows edit out a lot of the grunt-work and in-between stages, which are what you’ll be dealing with the most. Managing your expectations when it comes to your home remodel is the easiest way to get the most out of your remodeling services and feel good about your home. 

Expectation: It’ll happen overnight
Reality: It can take a long time

The timeline of your remodel depends on a lot of varying factors. When going into a remodel job, make sure that you’re prepared for the long-haul. Smaller remodels can take several-weeks to complete. If you’re remodeling multiple areas of your home, it can take longer. Working with a remodeling services company can help you stay on schedule.

Expectation: I can plan ahead of time how much my remodel will cost.
Reality: You should be flexible with your budget. 

You can always set a budget. But we’ve all seen that dramatic scene where the Show Hosts come to the homeowners with a problem or option that would cost more money. Things like this happen all the time and a lot more than you would expect. 

Leaving some wiggle room in your budget for delays and upgrades will put your mind at ease. Setting a high budget and aiming to have money left over will make you feel better about your remodel, and put your mind at ease if something does come up. 

Expectation: I have to use expensive materials.
Reality: There are ways to save. 

One of the misconceptions about remodeling is that you have to put in top of the line materials. However, there are sturdier, cheaper options that will work just as well and give you the look you’re going for. Working with a remodeling services company will help you plan in advance what materials you can use and how you can save. 

The best way to manage expectations? Talk with a craftsman in your neighborhood. Reach out to Handyman Connection to learn more about making your remodel a reality. 

*Not all services provided in all areas, check with your local office.

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