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Best Painting Techniques of Professional Painters

Do you ever wonder why certain paint jobs stand out more than others? Sometimes it comes down to the painting technique. 

Painting techniques come to professional painting services craftsmen through their years of experience, and can add texture and depth to an otherwise ordinary wall. 

3 Professional Painting Techniques

If you’re looking for something to make the colors pop or to make your wall stand out, there’s different options that professional painters can use to make your room unique. 

Color Washing

Color washing layers a lighter color over a darker base color. The lighter color will be mixed with glaze and the base color will be underneath it. To mix up the textures, your craftsman might use brushes, cloths or sponges.


Do you want that rustic, historic home look? Crackle adds a rougher texture to your wall, literally making a top coat of paint crack with the addition of a special glaze. This is perfect if you want to add a fresh look without taking away historic charm. 


This technique uses cloth and glaze to give the appearance of fabric texture on the wall. This technique is perfect for lush bedrooms and blending two colors together for a unique shade. When it comes to blending and picking colors, your local professional painting services company will know how to guide you. 

What painting technique should be used in my room? 

The technique for your room depends a lot on the feeling you’re trying to create and the overall look of your room currently. If you’re remodeling a whole room, it’s easy to experiment with different styles and create something new. If you’re just adding a fresh coat of paint, it might take some time. 

What should I consider? 

Painting techniques take a lot of time and experience to get right the first time. If you don’t like a particular style after it’s dried, you can always repaint – but it’d delay your project and cost you more money. 

Before committing to a specific style, work with a local professional painting services company like Handyman Connection to see what’d be right for your home. 

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