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The Pros & Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

If you’ve been keeping up on the latest in bathroom designs, you’ve probably noticed the prevalence of frameless shower doors. This minimalist design trend is considered to be sleek and elegant, and is a popular upscale option that more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate into their homes. If you want to renovate your bathroom, first consider the pros and cons of installing frameless shower doors.

Pro: A More Open Space

Without a bulky frame in your line of sight to interrupt the room’s flow, transparent frameless shower doors are able to convey a much more open, airy feel. While they don’t physically increase the size of your space, the lack of a frame does make it seem that way. Beautiful in their simplicity, frameless shower doors are also an excellent choice if you want to highlight a particularly unique or intricate shower tile design.

Pro: Customization

While traditional shower doors come in set standard sizes, most frameless door models are customizable. This gives you more freedom when it comes to designing your bathroom, as frameless doors are much more versatile and can be sized to fit your needs.

Pro: Less Mold & Corrosion

Framed shower doors have seals to help keep out water. Moisture has a way of working its way under these seals, which can result in mold growth. You don’t have to worry about this with frameless doors, however, as they have no seals. With no metal frame and minimal hardware, there’s also less of a risk of corrosion, which in turn means less of a likelihood that the door will have to be replaced in time.

Con: Cost

The glass used for frameless shower doors is much thicker and heavier than that of standard shower doors. It has to be in order for the glass panels to stay in place without the benefit of a frame to support them. They also require stronger, sturdier hardware. As a result, frameless shower doors are several hundred dollars more expensive than traditional shower doors.

Con: More Chances for Leaks

Because frameless shower doors lack the rubber and seals that traditional shower doors incorporate to prevent leaks, there’s a bigger chance that water could leak out onto your bathroom floor, especially if the glass isn’t perfectly cut to size. The best way to prevent leaks is to find an experienced, reliable company that turns out precision cuts and can also help design your shower in a way that minimizes the opportunity for leakage to occur. This usually means placing the showerhead in a strategic location that will keep water away from the door and any other gaps.

Con: Frameless Shower Doors Can Shatter

While rare, frameless shower doors have been known to shatter. Such breakage is usually the result of damaged glass, defects in the glass, improper installation, or severe or abrupt changes in temperature or humidity. While the glass is tempered to prevent jagged shards, it can still cut you. To help prevent this from happening, check the hardware and fasteners regularly to make sure everything is secure, examine the glass periodically for cracks or chips, and never slam the door or use it to help yourself in or out of the shower.

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