Newsletter  /  October 8, 2018

4 Tips to Babyproof Your Home

Babies can get into some real mischief in a home that hasn’t been properly babyproofed. There are countless hidden dangers around the house that could easily cause serious harm to curious little hands, which is why it’s so important to thoroughly babyproof your home, whether you’re a new parent, a new grandparent or expect to have family with young children visiting in your home for the holidays. Follow these tips to create a safe environment for little ones.

  • Cover the outlets. Babies love exploring holes, and electrical outlets are like a magnet for them. The best way to remove the temptation is to cover the outlet. Plastic outlet covers that plug directly into the socket are the most effective product for this purpose. Furniture can also be maneuvered in front of outlets for additional protection.
  • Block off the stairs. Babies are fascinated by stairs, and if they can go up, they can definitely come down. To avoid an accidental tumble down the stairs, install a sturdy locking baby gate at the top of all stairs (and at the bottom if you’re able to). Those that screw into the wall are best, as pressure-mounted baby gates are easy to push over when enough weight is applied. Baby gates can also be helpful in blocking off certain rooms or areas of the house.
  • Secure furniture. As babies learn to walk, they quickly start cruising along furniture, as well as trying to climb it. Heavy furniture such as bookcases, dressers and TVs can be deadly if they topple over on a child, and must be securely fastened to the wall. Brackets or furniture straps can be used to secure dressers, side tables and bookcases to walls, while TVs should be firmly anchored to the wall using the appropriate mounting hardware.
  • Lock up cabinets. Another thing that babies love is to explore cabinets and drawers. To keep your baby safe (and help maintain your sanity), cabinet locks are a must. Cabinets containing anything that could be potentially hazardous to a young child – heavy dishes, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, toiletry items – should be secured with a handy cabinet lock.

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