Bathroom  /  January 10, 2018

5 Low-Cost Updates to Freshen the Bathroom

Along with kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations remain among the most popular remodeling projects, and also provide a solid return on investment. A full bathroom remodel can get very expensive, however, and for many homeowners it just isn’t within their means. Luckily, there are many affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget. Check out some of these ideas from Handyman Connection for an inexpensive bathroom upgrade. 

  • Update the vanity. If your current bathroom vanity is solid, sturdy and has plenty of storage, consider applying a new coat of paint or stain for a fresh new look. Don’t just slap it on, though; old paint and stain both need to be sanded off to provide a smooth surface for the next application. After the vanity is sanded and wiped down with a dry cloth, a new coat of stain can be applied. If you’re painting it, first put down a coat of primer. Once that dries, you can then add the topcoat in your color of choice.
  • Add a dramatic new light fixture. While the bathroom isn’t the usual place you would expect to see a fancy light fixture, it really adds pizazz to the room, and can help brighten things up if your current lighting is a bit dim.
  • Replace bathroom fixtures. Another quick and easy way to update your bathroom is by installing toilet paper holders and towel bars/rings in a popular new style and finish. At the same time, try out coordinating cabinet hardware styles to make your vanity pop.
  • Install a new countertop. If you’re content with the base of your vanity but unhappy with the overall look, consider changing out the countertop. An attractive new counter is a great way to refresh the bathroom, and material options such as remnant stone slabs or high-quality laminate make it an affordable project.
  • Add new shower curtains or doors. Dirty, dingy shower doors can really bring down the look of your bathroom. At less than $200, a standard framed bypass door is very reasonably priced, and some doors even feature glass treatments that shed water droplets to make cleaning easier. If a new door isn’t an option, consider buying a new shower curtain and coordinating shower rugs to give the room a lift.

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