Newsletter  /  January 9, 2019

3 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster in Any Market

With spring just a few short weeks away and the housing market about to heat up, it’s time to start thinking about getting your house ready to list if you plan on selling. But with so much competition out there at this time of year, how can you ensure that your home stands out to prospective buyers? Here are a few tips from Handyman Connection that can help ensure your home sells quickly this coming spring.

  • Freshen things up. Curb appeal is crucial if you want to make a quick sell. After all, no buyers in the door means no offers on the house. It’s important to keep your lawn and landscaping maintained as it greens up. A fresh wreath on the door and potted flowers or plants flanking the entrance will provide a welcoming element for prospective buyers. Along with exterior curb appeal, your interior should be fresh and clean as well. This entails deep cleaning, decluttering and a fresh coat of paint on the walls to provide a clean palette to help buyers visualize themselves in the home.
  • Target minor repairs. The key word here is While it may seem like more extensive, high-end upgrades are necessary to make your home as attractive as possible, it’s not really worth it in terms of getting a good return on your investment. In most cases, you’ll be much better off focusing on minor repairs such as fixing drafty windows and doors, repairing leaky faucets and calling Handyman Connection for professional drywall repair to fix any holes in the walls. A clean, well-functioning house can make just as good an impression as granite countertops and hardwood floors. 
  • Make your home available. If you want your home to sell quickly, it’s essential to make sure it’s available for open houses and showings. While this rule may not be the most convenient for your own schedule, prospective buyers will appreciate it. This will help you get more showings, which in turn means you’ll be more likely to sell your home fast. This also means that your home will have to be kept tidy at all times. Whenever you leave the house, be sure to first make beds, put away dirty dishes and wipe things down.

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