Newsletter  /  November 14, 2017

December Home Organization Project: Foyer and Hall Closet

In many homes, the hall closet has the notorious distinction of being the junk drawer of closets. Everything from coats and shoes to backpacks and purses are tossed in at random, which results in a serious mess. This month, focus on making your life a little easier with these storage and organization solutions from Handyman Connection.

Clear It Out

The first step to any organization project is to clear things out. Gather all items from the hall closet, entry table and any other furniture, and sort into three piles:

  • Keep. This pile is for things that should be kept near the front door because you use them regularly: purses, bags, hats and gloves, outerwear, etc.
  • Trash. Get rid of odds and ends that have collected that are no longer useful. These can either be tossed or donated, depending on their condition.
  • Put away. As you’re sorting, designate a box for household items that have migrated to the foyer. Don’t let these distract you from your mission; they can be put away later.

Let’s face it – closet cleaning isn’t something that happens often in most homes, so take this time to thoroughly dust, sweep, and wipe down shelves and trim.

Get Shoes Off the Floor

Now you’re ready to start organizing! Prevent shoes from becoming an eyesore by stashing them in a handy storage bench or a cubby organizer that can fit neatly into your closet. Weed out anything that isn’t worn daily, like dress shoes and off-season athletic footwear, and store them in bedroom closets to make more room for your day-to-day picks. During the winter months, a sturdy boot tray will stop melting ice and snow from making a mess of your floor.

Make Things Accessible

Little arms can’t reach very high. If you rely on a traditional clothes bar, you know where it’s all going to end up: on the floor. Hooks are a great alternative because they can be hung at any level and arranged in whatever configuration works for you. And, on the plus side, kids are much more likely to hang up their jackets if they don’t have to deal with a hanger.

Store Accessories Together

Keep accessories such as hats, gloves and leashes close at hand by storing them in small individual bins. You can either put like items together or designate one bin for each family member. If this is a little too regimented for you, a crate on the hall closet floor will do as well.

Professional Storage Solutions From Your Local Handyman

Finding a handyman can be a little intimidating. Skip the uncertainty and choose Handyman Connection! From building a new closet to installing storage and organization solutions, our experts get the job done. Check out our handyman testimonials to help you find the perfect candidate for the job. Give us a call today at 1-800-88-HANDY to find out more!


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