Newsletter  /  November 29, 2016

Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Whether or not you plan to sell your home in 2017, it’s always a smart idea to add value to your largest investment. Today, we share the top ways you can add value to your home. When you are ready to take on any of these projects, turn to the expert craftsmen at Handyman Connection. We want to be your go-to connection for all your home improvement needs.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

Kitchen and bath upgrades continue to be the top remodeling projects that add the most value to your home, but what exactly does this entail? Think traditional…all-wood cabinets, commercial-look appliances, natural wood or stone floors and stone countertops. Walk-in showers have replaced whirlpool tubs as the must-have item in bathrooms. Steam showers are also a desirable upgrade.

A number of older homes lack a sufficient number of bathrooms, so if you currently live in a home with one bathroom, don’t spend a fortune upgrading it; consider using that budget to add a second bath to the home.

Lastly, if you are not planning to sell your home, make sure you remodel in a way that you will most enjoy. Don’t splurge for commercial kitchen appliances if you are not going to use them. Make sure your remodeling investment reflects your lifestyle.

Home Maintenance Updates

We know it’s not the most glamorous remodeling subject, but updating your home’s infrastructure (roof, plumbing, electrical systems) will make your home very desirable to potential buyers. No one wants to buy a home with spa-like bathrooms and a gourmet chef’s kitchen if there’s an old roof, sagging gutters, or leaky pipes.

Adding Space

Adding a room to your home can be a good investment if you live in a booming housing market. According to a 2005 study for the National Association of Realtors, every 1,000 square feet added to a home boosts the sale price by more than 30 percent.

Curb Appeal

It’s always a smart investment to upgrade your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers. New paint, a new entry door and handleset, thoughtful landscaping and upgraded outdoor lighting will make an excellent first impression on homebuyers.

Handyman Connection is here when you are ready to add value to your home, for potential buyers, or for your own benefit. Call us today for a free, no-obligation project estimate!

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