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July Home Organization Project: Hobby/Craft Area

If you are lucky enough to have your own space for indulging in a hobby, you probably know it’s an area that can be difficult to keep organized. Whether you love paper crafting or are an avid quilter, the various odds and ends that come with your specialty are sure to pile up until the area feels more stressful than enjoyable. Here are some tips and tools to make this area more conducive to creating!

Organizing fabric. If you sew, quilt or are just a fabric hoarder, you undoubtedly have your own personal fabric stash gone wild. To keep your stash in check, try draping fabric over tiered pants hangers in a closet for a space-saving solution. If you have a spare wall, sort the fabric by color or type yarn collectionand store in stackable plastic bins. If you prefer rolls of fabric, make your own bolts from cardboard or foamboard and line up on shelves.

Taming the yarn collection. If you have a yarn-related passion, organization is crucial to avoid becoming tangled up in your craft – literally. Aim to organize by color palette, so you can easily find just the right shade when you start your next project. Baskets, plastic tubs or a bookshelf with cubbies can all make a great home for your supplies but still keep them in view for inspiration.

Storing paper scraps. There’s no reason to throw away paper scraps when they might be just what you need for your next card or layout, but organizing them can be a nightmare. Try sorting them into color groups and give each color group its own drawer in a 12 x 12 storage cart. After you finish a project, sort your scraps by color. Then when you start working on a new project, all you have to do is find the color.

Corralling the odds and ends. Many scrapbookers find themselves lost in a sea of ribbon and decorative tape. If you’re in this predicament, head to your local craft store and purchase a thread spool organizer. This handy tool can hang on a wall or sit on a table, and makes it easy to organize spools by color so you can see all your options.

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