Kitchen  /  February 4, 2016

Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you decide to reface your kitchen cabinetry or completely replace them, both projects will give your kitchen an attractive, fresh appearance. However, if you’re in a quandary over which direction you should take, Handyman Connection would like to offer you some helpful advice regarding the benefits and factors of both options.

Many homeowners opt to reface their kitchen cabinets rather than replace them. One of the main reasons is the price tag, which is a fraction of the price for new cabinetry. Depending on the grade of materials you select and the number of cabinets that need to be refaced, the cost can run between $3,000 and $10,000. Because it’s a relatively inexpensive option, you’ll have more money left over in your kitchen makeover budget to purchase new countertops or flooring. Another reason homeowners choose this option is the fact the entire job can be done quickly, making it convenient for busy families and working couples. Likewise, your kitchen will be fully functional during the process.

While cabinet refacing is a quick way to achieve beautiful results, it may not be the best option for your circumstances. Purchasing new kitchen cabinetry carries a variety of benefits. First, you can choose the exact style of cabinetry that reflects your personal taste and blends in with your home’s style. Then, when they’re strategically placed in your kitchen, you’ll enjoy a more organized, efficient and functional space. For instance, full extension roll-out shelves and a corner base cabinet with a lazy Susan can help you recover lost space while keeping items organized and easy to find. A custom-built wall cabinet installed above your refrigerator is another space saver, while base cabinets with large drawers will neatly store away your pots and pans. Many homeowners who opt for new cabinets also wisely choose to have coordinating countertops installed during the process, which can save time and money.

If you’re thinking of getting your kitchen cabinetry refaced or replaced, Handyman Connection has the expert craftsmen that can take care of all the details.

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