Newsletter  /  June 7, 2019

4 Trends in Faucet Technology

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are still among the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners looking to update their homes. With all the technological advances made in the area of home improvement in recent years, planning your bathroom or kitchen remodel has become even more exciting. This is true even when it comes to choosing new fixtures. If you want the latest trends in faucet technology to be a part of your home, Handyman Connection advises trying out one of these cool fixtures.

Wi-Fi-Controlled Showers

How would you like to have your shower warmed up to the perfect temperature and ready to go before you even set foot in the bathroom? Well, now you can with a Wi-Fi-enabled shower system called the U by Moen. Simply customize your preferred settings via the U by Moen app, and you’ll be able to enjoy a digitally-enhanced shower experience.

Filtered Water on Demand

If you’ve always shied away from drinking tap water, you now have the option of getting filtered water directly from the kitchen sink. Several plumbing brands have recently come out with faucets that highlight water filtration technology, which means you can enjoy clean, pure, refreshing water straight from your faucet’s spout. The Grohe Blue® faucet even takes things a step further by incorporating a chilling system and carbonation along with the water filtration feature!

Touch Controls

If you’ve ever manually adjusted your showerhead while taking a shower, you know what it’s like to get a faceful of water. Not only is it annoyingly hard to adjust a shower head manually to get just the right flow, they can be hard to reach if you’re on the short side. Fortunately, American Standard will soon be coming out with an advancement that will allow people to change the spray patterns of their showerhead with a simple touch – or, for those with mobility issues, via a wireless remote button.

Another product that takes advantage of touch controls is the foot-activated kitchen faucet from Grohe. This handy innovation makes it much easier to keep the faucet and the kitchen as a whole cleaner and more sanitary. The faucet can be turned on and off with a quick tap of the foot on the sensor that’s mounted at the base of the cabinet.

Hands-Free Kitchen Faucets

Although hands-free faucet technology has been present in public settings for quite a while, several companies now have hands-free faucet models available that can be used in the home. This function makes keeping the kitchen (and the faucet) clean and tidy even easier and more convenient, and requires nothing more than holding your hands near the sensor at the base of the faucet.

Wondering where to find a handyman to install your new faucets? Look no further than Handyman Connection. For the best home maintenance services you can find, give us a call today at 1-800-88-HANDY.

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