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What’s New in the Home Improvement Industry World? Preparing for Your First Project in 2015.

blog-2015-02-image01Since 2010, the global home improvement industry has been on the rise; growing at a 2.5% rate each year. Reports are showing that there is an increasing number of consumers who have decided that upgrading their home will be a better investment than buying a new one. Based on these indications and other supporting resources, the market has been predicted to reach a worth of almost $678 billion in 2015. In a recent article featured in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. economist, Joseph Lavorgna stated, “If home prices are going up and people have more equity in their home, things like remodeling and refurbishment will do well because it’s effectively the way of playing the reinvestment game.”

If you are one of the consumers who has decided that an upgrade to your home will be a better decision than purchasing a new in a new one, take a look at the list of products proven to be positive investments for homeowners in 2014.

  1. Jet Board. Made of lightweight magnesium oxide cement, this product can be used in place of standard exterior sheathing and interior sheetrock. It is fire, mold, insect and moisture resistant making it one of the top alternative options currently on the market.
  2. EcoSlate floor tiles. This new flooring material features a thin veneer of slate over fiberboard and cork, giving you a stone that’s warmer and more cushioned than solid stone. Another bonus is that they are manufactured as click-together tiles making the application process quick and easy.
  3. TruGrain porch decking. Made with rice hulls, mineral oil, and salt, this new product is able to transform the color of your deck into a beautiful tropical wood look. It is slip-resistant promises to not crack,splinter or rot. One of the greatest features of this product is that it’s sealer lasts for 10 years and can be used to stain immediately.
  4. Dekton countertop. Due to it’s nonporous composition, you can use this material for both indoors and outdoors. Great for islands and bar tops, this material is so strong you can use it in a 12-inch overhang with no supports.

At Handyman Connection, we know how important your home is to you and that is what drives our dedication to providing superior quality home services for a wide range of needs. If you’re ready to start making upgrades to your home, schedule an appointment with your local Handyman Connection today or give us a call at 1-800-88-HANDY for an estimate on your first project of 2015.

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